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Партнеры Яндекс такси в Москве, закажите такси онлайн или по телефону +7 (495) 150-10-05 диспетчер скажет стоимость поездки такси по городу, такси в аэропорт и на вокзалы.
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Taxi in Moscow for the championship

A taxi in Moscow from the company «Trade».

Book a taxi in Moscow via telephone + 7 (495) 150 – 10 – 05. It is no secret that Moscow is a great city and is known for difficult traffic all over the world! Repair of motorways and interchanges, the construction of a new underground metro stations – all this further aggravates the situation on the capital’s roads. You should know that here the color of the car plays an important role. The actual new law of the capital on activity of taxi companies, according to which for several years permits have been issued only to owners of yellow cars. While this does not mean that the vehicle must be yellow color to 100 percent, as only in July of this year expire on the last license for taxi services provided before the law came into force.

Taxi in Moscow



Is there any difference between the ride on the «yellow taxi» and any other? Passenger safety above all else, it just defines a skilled, careful driver who knows the city. We will not argue is the most important thing, but few people know that along the normal, all the available roads, are lines for public transport and licensed yellow taxi. To move forward in these bands may be past the tubes, so Your trip will be quick. A nice bonus in this is that You will save time and money, especially during peak hours.

So the difference is — it is in time and price. Choose the official carrier, where vehicles with yellow numbers and Your path will be reliable, safe and fast.